Instagram Now Lets You Share Photos Privately

Recent news updates take you in a very direction, an exclusive interactive service of Instagram called Instagram Direct. Instagram Direct helps its users to send Smartphone photos and videos to private group of friends or a single person. Is not it incredible!

The new photo sharing option is available through an app update for Android and iOS.

How You Can Share Stuff To Your Private Group Or Friend

v  First shoot, crop and filter your photo, then you will find two tabs at the top of the Share Screen. One tab is for posting the content to normal public feed and other serve as direct option.

v  When you tap the direct tab, it shows a little comment box with a list of your contacts. Here, you can select up to 15 people to send the desired video or image to in Direct mode.

v  Select the recipients according to your desire and then you will find a new “Send to X” button at the bottom of the screen. Press the button and your desired image or video will be sent to your selected number of recipients.

v  Just the same way, you can share videos and images privately, you will be able to see who has viewed or liked your posted stuff. For this, you can see a clear heart shape with person’s profile photo.

v  All this is just like photo specific private chat. People can also send you photos or videos via instagram direct but you first have to accept their request.

These steps are very crucial in the quest to satiate your hunt for privacy while using instagram.

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