Cash-In-Transit robber’s MMA fighter profile removed from Facebook

The Facebook profile of the person concerned in cash in transit heist in KwaMashu has been removed or deleted.

Police representative lieutenant colonel Brenda Muridili said a bunch of robbers engaged in a shootout with security guards of a money vehicle. She said 2 of the robbers were shot dead. She said the remaining robbers fled the scene in a minibus taxi.

“A hand gun and a rifle were recovered on the scene from the robbers. It was an attempted robbery,” Muridili said.

Pictures of the scene circulating on social media, showed a person on the ground carrying a balaclava and hand gloves with a rifle beside him. He has blood flowing from a wound beneath his balaclava.

He is additionally carrying blue jeans and a blue shirt and is laying on his stomach.

The man represented above is alleged to be a Mixed Martial Arts fighter Sboh Ceeh Khuboni aka the Destroyer. He was related to with Muay Thai MMA Boys. A police supply verified his identity.

The Daily News tried many times to search for the profile of Khuboni however couldn’t notice it on Thursday.

Zane Sequeira representative for Mixed Martial Arts South Africa said the death of Khuboni aka Destroyer comes as a shock to the MMA community in South Africa.

“Khuboni was a gifted fighter and it’s therefore unfortunate and disappointing to see such a talented fighter commit crime. Our thoughts go out to his family,” Sequeira said. One of the robbers killed in a gunfight with a cash-in-transit guard in KwaMashu has been identified as a South African mixed martial arts fighter.

Since the Bridge city shopping mall incident on Monday, police are still looking for the rest of the cash-in-transit gang.

A police supply confirmed to the Daily News that the deceased was Sboh Ceeh Khuboni who had additionally been concerned in a hijacking incident in Sydenham in 2012 where Shaber Asmal was shot dead outside Sparks Road mosque parking zone.

Gareth Naidoo a representative for private security company KZN vip Unit said a guard who was shot multiple times remains in hospital.